Telphusa sedulitella (Busck, 1910)
Source: Pohl, GR, Patterson, B, and Pelham JP. 2016 [unpublished]. Annotated taxonomic checklist of the Lepidoptera of North America, North of Mexico. EXCEL version 1.1. (15 June 2016)
Family: Gelechiidae
Telphusa sedulitella image
  • Description: The wingspan is 13–14 mm. The forewings are dark brown, mottled with lighter brown, black and white. The basal third is unmottled, rather darker than the rest of the wing and limited by a narrow indistinct blackish oblique streak across the wing. A series of five tufts of raised scales runs parallel with the dorsal edge. Beyond the last of these tufts, which contains some white scales, is a thin oblique pure white line from the tornus towards the apex. The apical part is rather freely dusted with white. The hindwings are light bluish fuscous, darker towards the edges.