Agnippe abdita (Braun, 1925)
Source: Pohl, GR, Patterson, B, and Pelham JP. 2016 [unpublished]. Annotated taxonomic checklist of the Lepidoptera of North America, North of Mexico. EXCEL version 1.1. (15 June 2016)
Family: Gelechiidae
not available
Evippe abdita Braun, 1925. TL: USA, Utah, Logan
Agnippe abdita: Lee & Brown 2008: 48; Lee, Hodges & Brown 2009: 7

HOLOTYPE: male, reared from larva on Cercocarpus ledifolius, Logan, Utah. Larva collected June 10, emerged July 8. 

BIOLOGY: Larva spins a web, usually beginning at the base of one of the little side shoots and spreading over the underside of one of the larger leaves, then mines into the leaf from beneath the web. Cocoon of thin silk.

DESCRIPTION: Wing expanse 8.5-9 mm. Labial palpi white, basal two-thirds of second segment black on the outer side, base and tipe of third segment black. Antennae fuscous with whitish annulations. Face white; head above white, dusted with dark fuscous. Thorax and forewings whitish, dusted with dark fuscous; the lightly dusted areas form defined markings, contrasting with the heavily dusted and blackish ares. A lightly dusted irregular stripe runs along the dorsum from base to tornus, at basal third sending a blunt lobe to the fold, before tornus a sharper lobe, and just beyond the tornus ending in an outwardly oblique whitish streak which nearly meets the apex of an outwardly oblique costal streak. Below the fold, just before and behind the blunt lobe of the dorsal stripe, the wing is black. Ill-defined lightly dusted spots at basal fourth and at middle of costa. Cilia whitish. Hindwings and cilia silvery.

DISTRIBUTION: USA (California, Utah)