Anabrus simplex Haldeman, 1852
Source: ITIS_080509
Family: Tettigoniidae
Anabrus simplex image
Field Guide to Grasshoppers, Katydids, and Crickets of the United States
Large shieldbacks that sometimes travel in bands of thousands. Forewings are short and usually concealed by the pronotum; in some males, they extend rearward from the hind margin of the pronotum but by less than half the rear width of the pronotum. Lateral and median ridges are evident on the rear half of the pronotum but not on the forward half. Hind femur is no more than twice the length of the pronotum. Male cercus has a right-angle bend near its sharp pointed end and a thumb-like subapical tooth. Female subgenital plate has its rear lateral angles developed into sharp, inward-directed teeth. Ovipositor is equal to or slightly longer than the hind femur and curves upward or is nearly straight. Individuals that travel in bands are generally black or dark brown, whereas solitary ones are green. Length is 28-45 mm.