Source: Pohl, GR, Patterson, B, and Pelham JP. 2016 [unpublished]. Annotated taxonomic checklist of the Lepidoptera of North America, North of Mexico. EXCEL version 1.1. (15 June 2016)
Gelechiidae image
Zane Holditch  
The Gelechiidae is similar to other gelechioid families in that its members have a scaled proboscis and strongly recurved labial palpus, but differs from other gelechioid families by having a combination of the following characters: 1) hindwing subrectangular to trapezoidal with sinuous or concave termen and prominent apex, 2) forewing lanceolate to elongate–ovate with CuP absent, 3) the retinaculum of the wing–coupling mechanism on the radial vein of the female forewing, 4) labial palpus long, second segment often with ventral brush, third segment long, acute, rarely with short dorsal brush of rough scales, 5) male gnathos forming a pair of lateral, articulated, symmetrical sclerites with an articulated, mesial hook (Hodges, 1986, 1999).
Species within Arthropods of Monahans Sandhills State Park, Texas  
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