Eleodes eschscholtzi Solier, 1848
Source: TenebrioniDBase, 2015
Family: Tenebrionidae
Eleodes eschscholtzi image
Andrew Johnston  
Johnston et al. 2015

Body elongate, robust. Metafemora sinuate, concave ventrally in basal half, straightening medially and recurved apically, more or less concave dorsally in apical half. Males with apical third of metatibia dorsoventrally flattened, twice as wide as basal half.  Pronotum subquadrate, anterior angles produced, acute. Prosternum projected posteriorly of procoxae. Elytra punctate striate, striae more or less feebly impressed, males with caudal extension, females rather acute posteriorly.

Distribution: Pima and Santa Cruz counties, AZ. Sonora, Baja Norte, Baja Sur, Mexico.
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