Eleodes suturalis (Say, 1824)
Source: Carabidae of the World. 2015
Family: Tenebrionidae
Eleodes suturalis image
Andrew Johnston  
Johnston et al. 2015
Diagnosis: Body elongate, parallel sided. Pronotum explanate laterally, disc rather flat, lateral margins strongly arcuate, anterior angles prominent, acute. Elytra with dorsal and lateral aspect clearly demarked by longitudinal carina, disc punctate–striate, striae moderately impressed, area near elytral suture general red in color. Profemora spined in both sexes, probasitarsis with a pad of tomentose setae covering plantar surface. Prosternum flat and slightly projected posteriorly of procoxae. Distribution: Cochise county, AZ. Broadly distributed through the great plains, from SD south to TX west to NM.