Eleodes dissimilis Blaisdell, 1909
Source: Tenebrionidbase. 2015
Family: Tenebrionidae
Eleodes dissimilis image
Andrew Johnston  
Johnston et al. 2015

Body ovate to elongate. Pronotum narrowing in posterior half, anterior angles rounded and more or less produced forward. Elytra punctate–striate, with moderately large punctures, with intervals 2–5 times the width of the punctures. Terminal antennal segment wider than long to as long as wide. Female genitalia with inner lobe of coxite moderately long, gonostyle fairly large, length of coxite from tip of gonostyle to posterior margin about the same length as gonostyle.


Distribution: Coconino, Yavapai, Gila, Maricopa, Pima, Santa Cruz, Cochise counties, AZ.  NM, southern UT, Sonora.
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