Eleodes debilis LeConte, 1858
Source: Tenebrionidbase. 2015
Family: Tenebrionidae
Eleodes debilis image
Andrew Johnston  
Johnston et al. 2015
Diagnosis: Body elongate ovate. Pronotum subquadrate, widest just anterior of middle, lateral margins moderately arcuate, anterior angles very slightly projected. Elytra fairly densely punctate, punctures moderately large, more or less arranged in striae, posterior region tapering evenly to apex. Profemora unarmed in both sexes, probasitarsus with pencil brush of dark spicules interrupting apex of plantar surface in both sexes. Prosternum widest near posterior margin of procoxae, prosternal process rapidly narrowing just behind procoxae, forming large triangular projection. Male parameres narrow and more or less parallel laterally in apical 2/3, apex not deflexed ventrally. Female genitalia with coxites subrectangular, gonostyle large, transverse, positioned posteriorly on coxite. Distribution: Pinal and Cochise counties, AZ. NM, TX, Chihuahua, Mexico.
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