Aristotelia planitia Braun, 1925
Source: Pohl, GR, Patterson, B, and Pelham JP. 2016 [unpublished]. Annotated taxonomic checklist of the Lepidoptera of North America, North of Mexico. EXCEL version 1.1. (15 June 2016)
Family: Gelechiidae
not available
  • Aristotelia planitia Braun, 1925. TL: USA, Logan

HOLOTYPE: female, Logan, June 25

BIOLOGY: Larva probably on willow.

DESCRIPTION: Wing expanse 13.5-14 mm. Labial palpi whitish, second segment with a narrow brownish ocherous annulus near base and a second near tip; third segment black at base and tip, a brownish ocherous annulus before middle, and a pale buff annulus beyond middle. Head light brown. Antennae dark fuscous, with paler annulations. Forewings rich brown or dark brown, more golden, paler and rosy-tinged below the fold and in the apical third. An oblique narrow white fascia from basal fourth shades into the ground color below the fold; a broken line of black scales into the ground color below the fold; a broken line of black scales runs through the middle of the white. A second narrow angulated fascia at middle of the wing, rosy-tinged on costa, is also lost below the fold; from its angle a white spur extends a short distance along the middle of the wing. The usual brown bar preceding the median white fascia is curved, its outer side concave toward costa, and the space between this concavity and the costa is filled with dense brown dusting so that the bar is scarcely differentiated; together with the dusting it forms a large half-oval patch reaching to the fold. At apical fourth of costa and inwardly oblique rosy-tinged triangle. Costal cilia smoky gray; cilia just below apex rosy-tinged, with a smoky gray line through their middle; opposite the rosy costal triangle, a bar of rosy cilia, without the dark line. Hindwings gray, cilia with a golden tint.