Acalles granosus LeConte, 1876
Family: Curculionidae
Acalles granosus image
Michael Shillingburg  

Rather stout, black, densely clothed with dark brown scales. Prothorax as wide as long, rounded on the sides, scarcely wider at the middle than at the base, much narrowed in front, and broadly constricted; disc densely punctured, strongly carinate, marked with a short, transverse white line at the middle, interrupted at the dorsal line; the parts of this transverse line are nearly joined by a short, posterior dorsal white line, forming a T-shaped mark; there are also a few inconspicuous dots of white pubescence. Elytra ovate, distinctly wider at the middle than the prothorax, truncate at base, with the basal angles well defined; striae composed of large, shallow, quadrate punctures; interspaces well defined, the alternate ones more elevated, and interrupted so as to become tuberculate; the brown scales are mottled with dots of pale scales, of which the most conspicuous form a narrow, irregular, transverse band about the middle; the bristles are very short, but more distinct than in the preceding species. Length 3.4 mm.; 0.13 inch.

Florida, at Enterprise, Haulover and Indian River; Messrs. Hubbard and Schwarz.

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