Cylindrocopturus mammillatus (LeConte, 1876)
Family: Curculionidae
[Cylindrocopturus mamillatus ]
Cylindrocopturus mammillatus image
Chelsey Tellez  

As large as the largest specimens of C. operculatus, but distinctly broader; black, clothed with large oval scales of a light and dark brown color. Beak densely punctured, subcarinate; front half as wide as the beak. Prothorax not wider than long, sides feebly rounded, narrowed near the tip, and rather strongly constricted; coarsely and densely punctured, with a large subquadrate spot of white scales at the hind angles. Elytra slightly rounded on the sides, suddenly sinuate near the tip, and then broadly rounded; the tips are separately thickened and produced into a stout, conical, ascending process; the striae are punctured as usual, and the interspaces feebly convex; the color is mottled, pale and dark brown and white. Beneath the metasternum and first and second ventral segments are covered with pale scales, the rest darker; second ventral with two tubercles near the posterior margin, about as distant from each other as from the side.


Length 4.1 mm.; 0.16 inch.

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