Cylindrocopturus longulus (LeConte, 1876)
Family: Curculionidae
[Copturodes dispersus ,  more]
Cylindrocopturus longulus image
Chelsey Tellez  

Elongate, brown, beneath densely clothed with white scales, head and base of beak also densely clothed with white scales; front narrower than in C. operculatus; beak rather stout, black, nearly smooth; antennae pale testaceous, second joint of funicle longer than third. Prothorax evidently longer than wide, scarcely narrowed in front, feebly constricted near the tip, rather finely granulate-punctate, with three small basal, and two discoidal spots of white scales. Elytra densely clothed with brown scales and a pattern of white markings, consisting of an irregular oblique band from the humerus to the middle, and a less oblique one behind the middle, united with the former at the suture; there are also scattered dots of white scales. Legs banded and speckled with brown.

Length 2.3 mm.; 0.09 inch.

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