Cylindridia prolixa (LeConte, 1876)
Family: Curculionidae
not available

Elongate, shining black, with a slight bronzed lustre, nearly glabrous above. Beak slender, slightly curved, as long as the prothorax; frontal impression wanting. Prothorax as wide as long, narrowed in front and rounded upon the sides, broadly but not deeply constricted in front; disc less convex than usual, sparsely punctured. Elytra very elongate, parallel, conjointly rounded at tip; striae fine, interspaces wide, with small distant fine punctures; disc vaguely impressed behind the base. Beneath slightly pubescent, not deeply punctured, prosternum broadly concave, with a small square impression near the tip; front coxae not widely separated; metathoracic side pieces narrow; ventral segments very sparsely punctured; fifth as long as the third and fourth united. Funicle of antennas rather slender, second joint hardly longer than third.

Length 4.0 mm.; 0.15 inch.

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