Cryptorhynchus obliquus Say, 1831
Family: Curculionidae
[Cryptorhynchus umbrosus ]
Cryptorhynchus obliquus image
Michael Jansen  
5. C. obliquus.-Body covered with orbicular scales, which are dusky, black and white: thorax with three distinct black dots, placed transversely: scutel small, black: elytra triangular; region of the scutel, extending from the humerus to the suture, dusky, in which are about two black spots; then a very oblique cinereous band; then a dusky band on the middle; then a cinereous band; tip dusky; with punctured striae. Inhabits Louisiana. Length less than one-fourth of an inch. Schoenherr informs me that Dejean has given the name of umbrosus to this species, [and it is so described in his work 4, 116.- Lec]
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