Cryptorhynchus helvus LeConte, 1878
Family: Curculionidae
Cryptorhynchus helvus image
Michael Jansen  
141. Cryptorhynchus helvus, n. sp. - Very similar to C. obliquus and differing only in the following characters: Scales pale yellow-brown, slightly variegated with darker ; form of body a little narrower. Prothorax a little longer than wide, sides obliquely narrowed from the middle, where they are rounded to the apex, nearly parallel behind the middle. Elytra with the interspaces wide and flat. Thighs with one small acute tooth. Length 7.8 mm.; .31 inch. Enterprise; May, one specimen. Except for the difference in the form of the prothorax, I should consider this as merely a variety of C. obliquus. The elytra are similarly impressed.
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