Cophes oblongus (LeConte, 1876)
Family: Curculionidae
Cophes oblongus image
Soon Flynn  

Oblong elongate, black, thickly clothed with brown and gray scales irregularly intermixed; back of head, and some indistinct lines upon prothorax pale. Beak as long as prothorax, rather more slender than usual, naked, dark-brown, punctured. Antenna brown; second joint of funicle nearly as long as the first, 3-7 equal in length, gradually broader and rounded. Prothorax wider than long, deeply and densely punctured, not carinate, narrowed from the base, rounded on the sides, moderately constricted near the tip, base each side truncate, median lobe distinct. Scutellum very distinct, clothed with brown scales. Elytra one-fourth wider than the prothorax, humeri rounded, not prominent; sides parallel, scarcely perceptibly sinuate, then obliquely rounded to the tip; striae composed of approximate punctures, fifth with a narrow blackish spot behind the middle, interspaces convex, equal. Thighs with a distinct obtuse tooth, and front pair with an additional small denticle; beneath coarsely and densely punctured, thinly clothed with large, pale scales.


Length 6.0 mm.; 0.23 inch.

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