Compsus auricephalus (Say, 1824)
Family: Curculionidae
[Platyomus auriceps ]
Compsus auricephalus image
Michael Jansen  
2. C. auricephalus.—Dull green; head and anterior side of the feet golden. Inhabits Mississippi. Body covered with minute scales: head golden-cupreous; an impressed line and obsolete abbreviated one each side: thorax green, depressed above, and obliquely depressed each side: elytra green, with regular series of punctures; interstitial lines minutely punctured ; three alternate ones elevated: beneath green: anterior tibia, and intermediate and posterior pairs of feet on the anterior side golden-cupreous. Length (total) half an inch. A very fine species. Mr. Nuttall brought a specimen from Missouri ? and I obtained one on the Mississippi river above Natchez.
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