Cleonidius texanus (LeConte, 1876)
Family: Curculionidae
[Cleonis texanus ,  more]
Cleonidius texanus image
Michael Shillingburg  

Black, thinly clothed with gray or yellowish-gray hair, denser towards the sides, head and beak sparsely coarsely punctured, the latter stout, shorter than the prothorax, feebly carinate for half the length; antennae inserted near the tip, not slender, first and second joints of funiculus equal, each as long as the two following. Prothorax scarcely longer than wide, gradually narrowed in front, broadly rounded on the sides, not constricted at tip, covered with large, not very deep punctures, basal excavation feeble. Elytra wider behind the base than the prothorax, humeri rounded, sides parallel, conjointly rounded at tip, striae composed of large not very distant punctures. Thighs slender, tarsi with the last joint as long as the others united.


Length 8.0-10.3 mm.; 0.32-0.40 inch.


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