Catapastus conspersus (LeConte, 1876)
Family: Curculionidae
not available

Less robust, subrhomboidal, dull black, moderately densely clothed with yellow-brown hair, with rows of small distant white scales upon the elytra. Beak stouter than in the preceding, slightly thicker at base, cylindrical, curved, not longer than the prothorax, not impressed at base; finely punctured and pubescent. Prothorax not wider than long, gradually narrowed in front, sides nearly straight, slightly rounded near the tip ; surface strongly and densely punctured; base bisinuate. Elytra wider behind the base, humeri obliquely rounded, striae deep, interspaces elevated, flat, not very wide, densely punctured. Beneath punctured, rather densely clothed with pale brown scales; claws approximate, small, slightly connate at base.

Length 2.0 mm.; 0.08 inch.

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