Auleutes nebulosus (LeConte, 1876)
Family: Curculionidae
Auleutes nebulosus image
Michael Shillingburg  

Broadly ovate, very dark brown. Beak stout and long, punctured, not carinate, scarcely striate towards the base. Prothorax coarsely punctured, broader than long, strongly narrowed in front; dorsal channel not deep, apical tubercles acute, not very distant, lateral tubercles acute, prominent. Elytra indistinctly mottled with very fine brown pubescence, and very small, white scales, not forming a definite pattern; striae deep, punctured, interspaces rugose, very finely muricate towards the tip. Thighs not toothed, tibiae slender, nearly straight.

Length 2 mm; 0.08 inch.

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