Apleurus porosus (LeConte, 1876)
Source: ITIS
Family: Curculionidae
[Dinocleus farctus ]
Apleurus porosus image
Michael Shillingburg  

Similar in form to A. basalis, but larger; the beak is longer, and distinctly carinate; head covered with pale scales extending upon the beak; front channeled. Prothorax very deeply and densely punctured, finely carinate, irregularly clothed with brown scales. Elytra with rows of approximate large quadrate punctures, the intervals between which are nearly as high as the interspaces; second, fourth and sixth interspaces wider and more convex, tesselated with spots of pale and dark brown; rest of the surface with scattered pale scales. Beneath coarsely and deeply punctured, thinly clothed with pale scales; legs annulated.

Length 8.0 mm.; 0.32 inch.


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