Anthonomus squamosus LeConte, 1876
Family: Curculionidae
Anthonomus squamosus image
Michael Shillingburg  
Brown, densely clothed with scale-like gray pubescence; beak naked, red-brown, shining, finely punctured, not striate, frontal fovea elongate; prothorax broader than long, narrowed in front, rounded on the sides, densely punctured. Elytra suddenly one-third wider than the prothorax, not elongate, striae impressed, punctured, interspaces quite flat. Antennae ferruginous, slender, second joint of funiculus longer than third; legs ferruginous, thighs clavate, armed with an acute tooth. Length 4.4 mm.; 0.17 inch.

Colorado; not rare. In some specimens three thoracic vittae and the alternate interspaces of the elytra are paler; the scutellum is nearly white.

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