Anthonomus corvulus LeConte, 1876
Family: Curculionidae
Anthonomus corvulus image
Michael Shillingburg  
Black, slightly pruinose with sparse white pubescence. Beak punctured and feebly striate, head opaque, with a small frontal fovea. Prothorax closely but less coarsely punctured than in the preceding, wider than long, narrowed in front and feebly rounded on the sides. Elytra sub-ovate, striae strongly punctured, not much impressed, interspaces shining nearly smooth. Antennae piceous, base testaceous ; thighs slightly clavate, armed with a very small tooth. Length 1.5-2 mm.; 0.06-0.08 inch.

Atlantic slope, extending to Oregon. Easily known by the small size, and which at first sight causes it to resemble an apion.

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