Acallodes ventricosus LeConte, 1876
Family: Curculionidae
Acallodes ventricosus image
Michael Shillingburg  
Ovate, very convex, dark brown, very finely pubescent; pubescence forming three vittae on the prothorax and two bands on the elytra. Head strongly punctured, eyes distant, not convex, beak stout, curved, as long as the prothorax, strongly punctured, striate towards the base. Prothorax wider than long, gradually but strongly narrowed in front, rounded on the sides behind, constricted near the tip, apical margin not elevated, postocular lobes obsolete; disc very coarsely punctured, dorsal channel distinct, lateral tubercles obsolete. Elytra ventricose, gradually wider than the prothorax, obliquely narrowed behind the middle and strongly declivous, striae very deep, punctured, interspaces not wider, convex; an elongate basal spot on the suture of white scales; space between the two bands of fine gray pubescence, darker. Beneath coarsely punctured, finely and sparsely pubescent. Legs and antennas lighter brown. Length 2.5 mm.; 0.10 inch.

Middle and Western States, two specimens.

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