Acalles sylvosus Blatchley, 1916
Family: Curculionidae
Acalles sylvosus image
Michael Shillingburg  
Elongate-oval, robust. Dark reddish-brown, densely clothed with blackish, pale brown and whitish scales, the brown ones forming some irregular markings on thorax and covering the greater part of elytra, the whitish ones arranged in small isolated spots which form two cross-bands on elytra. Beak finely and sparsely punctate, feebly carinate, scaly near base. Thorax as wide at middle as long, sides parallel near base, rounded at middle; disc broadly and feebly constricted near apex, sparsely and rather coarsely punctate. Elytra oblong-oval, not wider at base than middle of thorax; striae with rows of rather small, deep, rounded punctures; intervals feebly convex, each with a row of rather short, inclined clavate seise. Length 3.2 mm.

Little River, Fla.; March 31. Two specimens taken from beneath rubbish on bank of stream.

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