Acalles subhispidus LeConte, 1878
Family: Curculionidae
[Pseudoacalles maculatus ]
Acalles subhispidus image
Michael Shillingburg  
Blackish, densely clothed with dark scales, which are larger on the prothorax than on the elytra, where they are intermixed with short, reclinate bristles. Prothorax wide, strongly rounded on the sides in front, coarsely punctured, with a narrow, lateral line, and a few scattered scales pale dirt color; disc not carinate. Elytra but little wider than the prothorax, base truncate, basal angles obtuse, distinct, sides broadly rounded, then obliquely narrowed to the apex; very little wider behind the base, striae coarsely punctured, interspaces slightly convex; there are traces of two narrow undulated bands, composed of small spots of gray scales, one before the middle, curving backwards towards the sides, the other behind the middle, curving forwards. Mesosternum deeply emarginate. Length 3.7 mm.; 0.15 inch.

Sumter County; May, one specimen. Easily known from our other species by the shorter reclinate bristles of the elytra. The prothorax is larger, and the elytra less rounded on the sides.

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