Acalles porosus Blatchley, 1916
Family: Curculionidae
Acalles porosus image
Michael Shillingburg  
Oval, robust. Uniform dark brown, thickly clothed with a dirty grayish brown crust of matted scales; antennae and tarsi reddish-brown. Beak scarcely as long as thorax, strongly sulco-striate on basal half, finely and rather thickly reticulate-punctate toward apex. Thorax as wide as long, widest at middle, sides broadly rounded; disc widely, not deeply constricted near apex, coarsely not densely punctate. Elytra oval, strongly convex, not wider at base than middle of thorax, sides broadly rounded to apical third, then strongly converging to apex; striae formed of large deep rounded punctures; intervals narrow, each with a row of short, nearly erect subclavate bristles. Length 2.8 mm.

Crawford County, Ind., rare; June 28. The uniform color, peculiar sculpture of beak and large punctures of elytra readily distinguish this from any described species.

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