Acalles minimus Blatchley, 1916
Family: Curculionidae
Acalles minimus image
Michael Shillingburg  
Oval, rather slender. Black, thickly clothed with sooty and paler brown scales, the latter forming a narrow median line and some scattered dots on thorax and a larger median basal blotch and some small widely scattered spots on elytra; antennae, tibiae and tarsi reddish-brown. Beak as in sylvosus. Thorax longer than wide, sides feebly rounded, disc not constricted in front, coarsely and rather sparsely punctate. Elytra regularly oval, sides broadly curved; striae shallow, rather coarsely, not closely punctate; intervals as wide as the punctures, feebly convex, their setae short, recurved, clavate. Length 2.1-2.3 mm.

Lake Okeechobee and Lemon City, Fla.; Feb. 28-March 22. Form of clavatus but smaller, devoid of the white markings of that species and with much finer elytral punctures.

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