Acalles crassulus LeConte, 1876
Family: Curculionidae
Acalles crassulus image
Michael Shillingburg  
Rather robust, black, densely clothed with dark brown scales, and erect thick bristles, which are shorter upon the prothorax. The latter is about as long as wide, rounded on the sides, slightly wider at the middle, much narrowed in front and broadly constricted; densely punctured, with a few pale brown scales at the sides, and a small spot at the middle of the base. Elytra as in A. clavatus; brown towards the base, and with an irregular, broad, yellowish brown band behind, occupying the posterior third of the elytra. Legs clothed with yellow brown scales. Length 2.5 mm.; 0.10 inch.

Haulover, Florida; Messrs. Hubbard and Schwarz.

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