Acalles carinatus LeConte, 1876
Family: Curculionidae
Acalles carinatus image
Michael Shillingburg  
Black, densely covered with thick scales, of dark brown color; mottled (but not tesselate) with pale scales upon the elytra, forming indistinct transverse lines; an oblique zigzag band about the middle is the most conspicuous of these markings. Prothorax as long as wide, sides strongly rounded, widest about the middle, much narrowed in front, broadly but not deeply constricted near the tip; disc coarsely and densely punctured, very distinctly carinate. Elytra at the widest part scarcely wider than the middle of the prothorax; oval, sides rounded, basal angles not prominent; striae composed of quadrate large punctures; interspaces distinctly defined; third, fifth and eighth somewhat more convex; each interspace with a row of very short, thick, inconspicuous bristles. Length 4 mm.; 0.16 inch.

One specimen, Illinois. Easily known by the strongly carinate prothorax.

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