Toxonotus vagus (Horn, 1894: 359, 448)
Family: Anthribidae
Toxonotus vagus image
Michael Shillingburg  
Cylindrical, moderately densely clothed with intermixed whitish and ochreous scale -like hairs, the paler scales more numerous in an indefinite region behind the base of the elytra. Head and beak marmorate with ochreous and white scales. Thorax slightly wider at base than long, narrower in front, sides arcuate, disc convex coarsely punctate, with three erect tufts of brown scales forming an arcuate row at middle, surface marmorate with ochreous and whitish scales, an arcuate line each side of middle semi-nude. Elytral sculpture almost concealed by the vestiture and consists of rows of moderately coarse punctures, the vestiture of whitish and ochreous scale-like hairs, an indistinct band paler behind the base, the declivity also paler, on each elytron three tufts of brownish scales, in a row the posterior tuft more distant from the second than that is from the first. Body beneath with sparser more hair-like vestiture. Legs with longer whitish hairs. Length: 0.18 inch; 4.5 mm.

One specimen. El Taste.

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