Amercedes orthorrhinus Champion, 1908
Family: Curculionidae
Amercedes orthorrhinus image
Michael Shillingburg  

Rather convex, black; clothed above with a few small, hair-like, intermixed dark brown and whitish scales, which are arranged in a single row down each elytral interstice, the vestiture of the under surface and legs closer and wholly whitish. Head closely punctate; rostrum (male) a little longer than the head and prothorax, finely striato-punctate, (female) more elongate, with the tumid basal portion rugosely punctate at the sides and the slender straight apical portion almost smooth. Prothorax transverse, somewhat convex, constricted and much narrowed in front, the sides arcuately converging from the base; coarsely, closely punctate, sometimes with a smooth median line. Scutellum subtriangular. Elytra at the shoulders considerably wider than the prothorax, depressed along the suture; deeply punctate-striate, the interstices, roughly uniseriate-punctate. Beneath closely punctate; first ventral segment slightly depressed down the middle in the male.

Length 3.10-3.25mm, Breadth 1.75-1.90 mm. (male female.)

Hab. Guatemala, Dueñas (Champion). 

One male and three females. 

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