Cylindrocopturus biradiatus Champion, 1906
Family: Curculionidae
Cylindrocopturus biradiatus image
Chelsey Tellez  
Oblong-elliptic, flattened above, very convex beneath, black; the upper surface variegated with a dense clothing of coarse, rounded, overlapping scales, the seriate punctures of the elytra each with a piliform scale: the head and prothorax in great part fulvous, the prothorax with a triangular blackish patch on the posterior portion of the disc, divided down the middle by a white line, the sides also with a white patch at the base beneath, the elytra black, with the apex, the suture thence to near the scutellum, and a short streak at the base of the second interstice, fulvous, and two oblique, radiating streaks extending outwards from the sutural stripe white, the under surface white, mottled with fulvous along the sides, the legs fulvous and white intermixed. Head with a smooth raised line on the vertex; eyes well-separated; rostrum arcuate, reaching to a little beyond the middle coxae, rugulose and carinate at the base, and sparsely, minutely punctate thence to the tip. Prothorax broader than long, abruptly narrowed and constricted in front, the sides subparallel behind; densely punctate. Elytra a little wider than the prothorax, slightly rounded at the sides, the humeri rather prominent, the apices raised and separately, angularly produced; deeply punctate-striate, the interstices feebly convex, broader than the striae moderately long. Length 4 mm, breadth 2 mm.
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