Brachycorynus distentus (Frieser, 1983)
Family: Anthribidae
Brachycorynus distentus image
Lisa Hoefler  
Valentine, 1998, pages 271-272.

Diagnosis [for the genus Brachycorynus]: Antennae inserted on the ventrolatera1 surface of the rostrum, third article not greatly longer than the second or fourth; eyes oval, lateral, oblique, entire or weakly sinuate nearest the scrobes, with only 10 to 14 rows of facets across the maximum width; elytral bases subtruncate.

Key to species: Pubescence short and appressed to cuticle; rostral base with a short median carina; pronotum shallowly reticulate-punctate; elytral pubescence mostly pale gray and brown with a few paler spots in odd interspaces; South Florida and Cuba.

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