Trichapion rostrum (Say, 1826)
Family: Brentidae
Trichapion rostrum image
Michael Shillingburg  
Body entirely black: vertex impunctured: front with large punctures, and a longitudinal impressed line; an impressed longitudinal line between the antennae: thorax with large, concave, close set punctures; an impressed, abbreviated line on the middle of the posterior sub-margin: elytra striate, the striae rather wide, punctured, interstitial lines flat, topped with a single series of small hairs. Length from the tip of the rostrum less than 3/20 of an inch.

This is a very abundant species. Dr. J. F.-Melsheimer found it on the leaves of the Robinia pseudacacia; and Dr. Harris of Milton, Massachusetts, informs me that it occurs in all its stages in the seed vessels of the wild Indigo, (Baptisia tinctoria,) in the months of August and September. I have also taken it in plenty on that plant. It seems to be allied to the A. nigrum, Herbst., but it does not agree with his figure, nor sufficiently well with his description.

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