Eleodes leptoscelis Triplehorn, 1975
Source: Tenebrionidbase. 2015
Family: Tenebrionidae
not available
Johnston et al. 2015
Diagnosis: Body elongate. Clypeus dark red, noticeably different in color from rest of head capsule, mentum quite transverse, raised to a keel mesally. Pronotum longer than wide, feebly arcuate laterally, anterior angles right–angled, not produced. Elytra punctate–striate, punctures moderately large. Profemora unarmed, all tarsi lined with strong golden spicules, plantar surface never interrupted with setae. Prosternum with robust posteroventrally oriented spine–like process.  Known only from caves in the Grand Canyon. Distribution: Cave of the Domes, Coconino County, AZ
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