Chrysapion tantillum (Sharp, 1890)
Family: Brentidae
Chrysapion tantillum image
Michael Shillingburg  
Angustum, nigrum, subnitidum, elytris subaenescentibus; rostro opaco, sculpturato, basi lato; prothorace angusto, subcylindrico, dense fortiter punctato; elytris sat profunde, anguste sulcatis. Long. 1|2/3 millim.

Hab. Guatemala, near the city.

Rostrum nearly as long as the head and thorax, curved, thick, broad and flat at the base, unusually dull owing to a dense, fine sculpture; antennae inserted rather farther from the eyes than the width of the interval between these; eyes not prominent, small, the head narrow, though the space between the eyes is rather broad; this space is quite flat, densely and indistinctly punctured. Thorax slender, not narrowed in front, the punctuation close, coarse, and distinct. Elytra narrow, but much broader than the thorax, their grooves moderately deep, rather narrow, indistinctly punctured. Middle coxae contiguous.

We have received three examples of this obscure Apion; they do not exhibit any sexual distinctions. The broad, flat base of the rostrum, its peculiar dull surface and fine sculpture are rather peculiar.

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