Chrysapion auctum (Sharp, 1890)
Family: Brentidae
Chrysapion auctum image
Michael Shillingburg  
Gracile, nigrum, supra subnonescens, tenuiter setosum, fere opacum, antennarum basi pedibusque flavis; rostro parum elongato, densissime subtiliter rugoso; prothorace conico-cylindrico, crebre sat fortiter punctato. Long. 2 millim.

Hab. Mexico, Orizaba in December, Cuernavaca in June, Chilpancingo in July; Guatemala, Aceituno.

This insect is extremely similar to A. rugirostre, but it is a little larger, and has the rostrum slightly longer, especially in the female; the trochanters are dark in colour; and the suture between the first and second ventral segments is simple.

We have received about twelve examples of this species from Mexico, but only one from Guatemala.

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