Trichapion oblitum Smith, 1884
Family: Brentidae
[Apion oblitum Smith, 1884]
Trichapion oblitum image
Michael Shillingburg  
Black, form moderate. Head transverse, rather sparsely punctured; eyes distinct, and somewhat prominent; distinctly so in some specimens; rostrum unusually slender for this section, distinctly dilated near base; antennae moderate, inserted one-third from base of rostrum. Thorax transverse, widest at base, sides arquate, or rounded; coarsely punctured, and with a deep foveate elongate puncture near base. Elytra moderate ovate : striae distinct, punctures large, intervals wide, and somewhat convex, shining. Beneath rather finely and sparsely punctured. Length 1.5-2 mm.

Hab. Col., Cal., Texas, Kan., Fla.

Distinguished by the form of thorax; bears a superficial resemblance to antennatum, and has the same general form of body.

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