Chionodes abdominella (Busck, 1903)
Source: Pohl, GR, Patterson, B, and Pelham JP. 2016 [unpublished]. Annotated taxonomic checklist of the Lepidoptera of North America, North of Mexico. EXCEL version 1.1. (15 June 2016)
Family: Gelechiidae
Chionodes abdominella image
Zane Holditch  
Busck. 1903; Hodges. 1999.
Holotype, Female, USA Arizona, Phoenix, August Kunze. Deposited at USNM (Type No. 6378). USNM Genitalia Slide No. 8140.

Wing length 3.8 - 6.1 mm. Head and thorax white, with very slight yellow tint. Antennae off-white on ventral surface; dorsal surface very gray gray, alternate scale rows medium/pale gray. Labial palpi with base of second segment dark gray; third segment white with dark gray tipped scales on anterior margin and mesial surface at 4/5 length. Forewings black and white; extreme base of costa black; a large triangular costal spot before the middle of the wing, with tip reaching beyond the fold, black, with a central dot on the costa, white. Apical 2/3 of wing black, with a costal and dorsal triangular white spot at the beginning of the cilia nearly or quite reaching each other with their thinly extened tips. Cilia blackish. Hindwings light silvery gray.

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