Sibinia setosa (LeConte, 1876: 218)
Family: Curculionidae
[Tychius albidus ,  more]
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Very small, elongate, brown, above coarsely pubescent, beneath densely covered with large scales; beak nearly straight, slender; head scaly. Prothorax hardly wider than long, narrowed in front, sides oblique, scarcely rounded. Elytra a little wider than the prothorax, striae well impressed, interspaces slightly convex, each with a row of pale bristles. Beak, antennae and feet ferruginous; thighs unarmed, not sinuate beneath; funicle 6- jointed.


Length 1.2 mm.; 0.045 inch.

Fort Yuma, California; quite different in appearance from the other species, and resembling a small Erirhinus; the ventral sutures and claws are, however, of this genus. This is one of the smallest Curculionides in our fauna. The last ventral segment is broadly foveate in my specimens, but this is perhaps a sexual character.


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