Gerstaeckeria turbida (LeConte, 1876)
Family: Curculionidae
[Acalles clathratus ]
Gerstaeckeria turbida image
Chelsey Tellez  

Rather narrow, black, densely clothed with thick dirt colored scales, beak naked, punctured, subcarinate; head densely clothed with small scales, front channeled. Prothorax deeply and densely punctured as usual, not carinate, longer than wide, narrower in front than at base; sides broadly rounded. Elytra with rows of large, approximate, quadrate punctures, interspaces wide, somewhat convex; markings indistinct, but when present, consisting of an irregular basal fascia, and an undulated one behind the middle, very much as in A. basalis. Under surface deeply and coarsely punctured, thinly clothed with dirt colored scales.


Length 7.0mm.; 0.28 inch.


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