Dirabius rectirostris (LeConte, 1876)
Family: Curculionidae
[Limnobaris tenua ]
Dirabius rectirostris image
Soon Flynn  

More elongate, black, nearly glabrous, shining. Beak longer than the head and prothorax, nearly straight, slender, sparsely punctured, with a small basal indentation; head convex, feebly punctulate. Prothorax scarcely longer than wide, slightly narrowed from the base forwards, then more narrowed and rounded, broadly constricted near the tip; surface strongly punctured, dorsal line narrow, distinct, Elytra a little wider than the prothorax, sides parallel behind the humeri, then rounded; tips separately rounded, exposing a small part of the pygidium; striae deep, narrow, interspaces wide, finely rugosely punctured. Beneath slightly pubescent, not coarsely punctured; more sparsely on the first and second ventral segments. Prosternum transversely impressed in front, not emarginate behind; front coxae moderately widely distant; metathoracic side-pieces not very narrow; fifth ventral segment as long as the two preceding united. Funicle of antennae slender, second joint nearly as long as the first.

Length 4.8 mm.; 0.19 inch.

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