Ouellet-Robert entomological collection (QMOR) (UMBC-QMOR)

The Ouellet-Robert entomological collection (QMOR) is one of the larger Canadian university entomological collections and the second largest in Quebec. It comprises 1.5 million specimens, covering more than 20,000 species. Aquatic insects from many regions of the world are particularly well-represented. This dataset includes 38,295 digitized lots from the collection (192,000+ individuals), representing the orders Odonata, Trichoptera and Ephemeroptera. Data served via Canadensys at http://data.canadensys.net/ipt/resource?r=lemq-specimens. This data is provided as a resource for SCAN users, if you use data from this collection in publications please access the data via GBIF or Canadensys web portals.
Contact: Colin Favret (colin.favret@umontreal.ca)
Collection Type: Preserved Specimens
Management: Data snapshot of local collection database
Last Update: 9 April 2017
IPT / DwC-A Source:
Digital Metadata: EML File
Collection Statistics
  • 49,029 specimen records
  • 48,014 (98%) georeferenced
  • 42,121 (86%) identified to species
  • 61 families
  • 329 genera
  • 1,178 species
  • 1,200 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
Extra Statistics
This project made possible by National Science Foundation Award EF 1207371